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I am just wandering, come follow me.

Boredom. 😑

Boredom. 😑

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Proud moment!

My cousin and I have been helping the Homeless for the last few months. My cousin has been coordinating a homeless event where she packs up hygiene bags for them, purchases them food, gives out gift cards, etc.

On April 19, 2014, we decided to hand out items to the homeless for Easter. California State University, Fullerton took a great interest in it. Well, we both made the school newspaper, Daily Titan!

So, here it is :)

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#csuf  #california state university fullerton 
Tuesday.  #iwantmybed #iwanttacos

Tuesday. #iwantmybed #iwanttacos

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#iwanttacos  #iwantmybed 


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First day out of the shop III

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